Visa Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion!

Visa gift cards are ideal choices for just about any occasion. It`s considered a thoughtful and smart choice for a gift, and will always be very well received.

Visa Inc. is considered one of the most popular corporations that deal with financial services. The company has its headquarters in California, U.S. Visa deals with electronic funds transfers and is using Visa credit and debit cards to do this.

What is a Visa Card?

A Visa gift card is very similar to a prepaid card and is accepted pretty much anywhere a Visa debit card is. They are usually by a specific bank pursuant to terms & conditions that are determined the actual bank and loaded with a specific amount of money and can be used for purchases until the balance reaches zero. If the card isn`t a reloadable one, additional funds can`t be added.

How Do I Get Such a Card?

Your first choice should be this website if you are already here. We offer a free Visa gift card and we ask nothing in return besides completing an easy form with your details. Your email address will be needed so you can receive future updates about your card.

Visa cards can also be found in person at either one of your local retail locations. If you are online, you can use a card locator to find one.

Do I Have to Activate my Card?

This is an aspect that is determined by your card`s issuer. Most of them are automatically activated when purchased and can be used right away. However, some of them have to be activated by the person who bought it before using them.

Visa Gift Cards

What if I Lose it or it Gets Stolen?

If your Visa card gets stolen or you lose it, you should report this right away. You can do this by calling the number from the back of your card.

How to Use Them?

A Visa gift card should be used pretty much like any credit card. Upon order, simply offer it to your cashier. Each time you`ll use it, the amount of money spent will the deducted from the its balance. It`s best if you have knowledge about your balance before making any purchase using your card.

It`s essential to keep in mind that if your Visa card isn`t reloadable, you`ll not be able to add additional money. It doesn`t provide a credit line such as a credit card. Your initial value that is available to use is only determined by you as the person who bought the gift card.

Gift Card Limited Value?

Maximum gift card values may vary quite a lot and are generally established by the bank issuer which issued the gift card. For more info, you can check to the list of providers online.

Declined Gift Cards

If your Visa card gets declined, first you need to check if there are enough funds on your gift card before trying to make your purchase. If you will have your purchase declined and you know the gift card has enough funds, get in touch with your card issuer using the number from the back.