Surprise Your Girl With a Victoria`s Secret Gift Card

Victoria`s Secret gift cards are seen as the sexiest way to offer a gift to your loved one. No matter if it`s your girlfriend`s birthday or mother`s anniversary, if you don`t know what to offer them as a gift, Victoria`s Secret cards are perfect for such occasions.

Victoria`s Secret is considered the largest lingerie retailer from the U.S. and was founded by Roy Raymond. The company is very popular for its fashion show, the Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show, but also for its catalogs. Victoria`s Secret deals with beauty items, woman`s wear and lingerie.

Where Can I Find Them?

Victoria`s Secret cards can be found right here on this website. And the best thing is that it won`t cost you anything. Just follow the links beneath either of the two images on this page and get to the next website. Once you are there, complete the easy steps and wait for your confirmation email.

The company`s official website is the next best thing if you are interested in this type of card. The site has an exclusive gift card page that deals with such digital or plastic cards.

Where Can I Use my Card?

Victoria`s Secret cards can be used online, at the company`s stores or on phone orders. The ones bought in-store in Canada aren`t redeemable over the internet and can be redeemed only in Canada.

How to Redeem Them?

They are very easy to be redeemed. You won`t need a credit card if your balance will cover the total order. Simply enter the number your card and PIN in the proper fields and review the page at checkout. The unused balance of your gift card will remain on the gift card. If you are using Express Checkout, you can`t use this card.

Where Can I Check my Balance?

The same gift card page from the company`s websites can be used to check the balance of your gift card as well. Down the page there are two fields where you`ll enter your gift card number and PIN to check your balance. For any questions related to your balance, you can call at 800 270 8999.

Victoria`s Secret Gift Card


The card will be available in denominations starting from $25 to $500. Also, you`ll have many flirty designs from which to choose.

eGift Cards

Are you interested in the digital version of this card? Wait no more and use this “eGift Card” web page to send the gift of elegance to anyone you want. You simply need to complete the easy form and then click on the “Add to Bag” button.

Terms & Conditions

Victoria`s Secret cards are issued by Victoria`s Secret Direct, LLC and can be redeemed only at the company`s stores or at the official Victoria`s Secret website. If you want to redeem a card online, you should know that this is now easier than ever. You just need to include the number of your card along with its PIN during the checkout.

Phone Orders

If you want to get such a card using a phone order, you can contact the customer service at 800 888 8200.

Secret Reward Help

Include the Secret Reward in the proper card field during checkout so you can reveal the value and then apply it to the order.