Save Money On Your Fuel with a Valero Gas Card

Are you one of those people who enjoy driving his car on a regular basis? Then you most likely are interested in a way to save some money on your fuel or other expenses which involve your car. Valero gas cards or Valero gift cards may be the answer to your problems.

Valero Energy Corporation, also commonly known as Valero, is a popular U.S. manufacturer and marketer of fuels and various petrochemical items. The company has its headquarters in Texas, and is known to operate sixteen refineries in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States.

About Valero Cards

Valero gift cards can be used at pretty much any of the company`s gas locations, whenever you want to fill your tank or buy a product inside the gas station. You can find such cards at such a location, or you can purchase them online at one of the many websites that deal with gift cards, this one included.

How to Purchase

There are a few ways to buy your Valero gift card:

1. At the store – You can buy your card at any of the company`s participating locations.

2. By phone – Call at 1 888 207 7214.

Valero Gas Card

3. By email – Send an email to; make sure you`ll include in your email the type of your card, the amount of your funds, the shipping address as well as your payment method. The payment needs to be received before the shipping of the card.

Note: Shipping and handling charges for gift or gas cards bought might be applied. If they`ll be applicable, these charges will be disclosed before shipping the actual order.

Card Features

- The Valero card is generally issued to individuals, so there will be no joint accounts. In addition, you can list users who are authorized on your personal account.

- Convenient Use, easy to purchase, pay right at the gas pump.

- No date of expiration and no monthly charge.

- Ideal for controlling your spending.

- Perfect as gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or holidays.

Terms & Conditions

The order of a Valero gas or gift card will constitute your acceptance of these terms & conditions: the card will only be valid at participating Diamond Shamrock, Corner Store, Shamrock, and Valero stores. Valero cards could be used for any type of orders, exception being made for lottery tickets or money orders. This type of cards can`t be redeemed in exchange for cash, exception being made where the law will require this. The Valero card is a bearer instrument – if stolen, lost or damaged, neither the card nor its remaining funds can be replaced. If you want to get your funds back, you can call the customer services department at 1 866 650 6049 or visit the nearest participating Valero location.

Certain Valero stores may provide extra services. Not every service is available at each website. If you want to find out your location offer these services, you can use the “Find a Store” feature available on the official website of the company.