By a Funky Fashion Person Using a Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Are you one of those persons who are into “funky” fashion? If yes, then Urban Outfitters gift cards are something that you may need. Not only that this type of cards will offer you what you want, but you`ll save money at the same time as well.

Urban Outfitters, Inc. is a U.S. company which operates in more than four thousand locations using 3 different brands: Free People, Terrain, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. The company deals with household and fashion products.

How to Get Such a Card?

A good resource to try and find Urban Outfitters cards is the official website of the company at their exclusive gift card page. You`ll be to choose different types of Urban Outfitters cards with various designs and denominations.

Facebook should also one of your first places when looking for Urban Outfitters cards. These days, social connection has become essential over the internet and more and more people are turning to Facebook whenever they are trying to find something.

Gift Card Denominations

This type of card will generally be available in various denominations, starting from $25 to $1,000. You can choose whatever amount you want as long as there is between the amounts highlighted above.

How to Check your Balance?

If you want to check the balance of your Urban Outfitters gift card, you should visit this “Gift Card Balance” web page located on the company`s website. Additionally, you can also call 1 800 920 5656 or visit your nearest company`s location.

Using your Card for Online Purchases

If you want to make a purchase at an online store, when the payment method will appear upon checkout, you`ll need to select the gift card option located down the page.

Urban Outfitters Gift Card

How to Reload your Card?

When you want to reload cash onto your Urban Outfitters gift card, begin the process on the phone by calling customer service at 800-282-2200.

Additional Info

1. If you want to use a second card, you need to contact the company`s customer service.

2. If you want to locate the PIN number of your card, check the barcode on the card`s back. You`ll be able to see it under all that “Scratch-to-Reveal” stuff.

3. This type of cards have inactivity fees and they don`t expire.

Using Separate Gift Cards

If you want to make an order online using two separate cards, you need to call 1 800 282 2200 and place the order as the site has space for only a card.

The PIN`s Location on the Card

If you don`t know where to located your PIN on the card, you should look near the barcode on the card`s back, under the “Scratch to Reveal” section.