Choose Your Makeup Kit Using a Ulta Gift Card

If you are one of those women who doesn`t come out of her home without at least a little makeup, then Ulta gift cards should not miss from your purse.

Ulta is considered one of the most popular chains of superstores that deal with beauty items from the U.S. The company carries a large variety of skincare, haircare and cosmetics items products. The headquarters of the company is in Illinois.


Ulta cards are generally available in denominations that start from $10 to $100.

Where Can I Redeem my Gift Card?

If you already own an Ulta card and you want to redeem it, you have two choices: either in-store or online. For in-store options, you only need to show your card at the cashier when you purchase a particular product. If you want to redeem your card, you have to include your card`s number along with your PIN during the checkout process. You`ll be able to find your PIN on your card`s back beneath the black&silver scratch-off section. Additionally, redemption guidelines for this type of card will be offered in the e-mail sent to the recipient.

Ulta eGift Cards

The digital version of Ulta cards is generally only available from $10 to $50. If you want to redeem your e-gift card in-store, you need to show to the cashier the original e-mail printed having your card`s number along with the PIN. To redeem it online, the process is the same as with the plastic cards.

Ulta Gift Card

Ulta eGift Card Purchases

After purchase, Ulta e-gift cards are sent to the e-mail address of the recipient. People who buy this type of cards are responsible for offering the proper e-mail address for the recipient during the entire checkout process. An order confirmation e-mail that will include the e-mail address of the recipient as well as the e-gift card value will be received in a short while after the purchase of the card has been made.

If the e-mail address is proven to be invalid or incorrect, refunds won`t be made. The company isn`t responsible for an e-gift card that is lost or stolen. Also, Ulta isn`t responsible if a card is redeemed by an incorrect recipient.

Guidelines regarding the redemption of the e-gift card will be sent in the recipient`s e-mail. Ulta e-gift cards can be used to make purchases both online and in the company`s stores.

If you have purchased an Ulta e-gift card, you`ll receive an e-mail within twenty four hours with the value of your card, PIN number, card`s number, Terms & Conditions, as well as a personal message from the person that purchased the card. The message will be optional.

Additional Info

If you want to purchase an Ulta gift card on the internet, you could visit this “Gift Card” web page from the official website of the company. There you`ll find different card types which can be added to your orders with a simple click on the “Add to Basket.” You`ll find three different types of cards, with denominations of $10, $25 and $50.