Fandango Cards

See a Saturday Night Movie with a Fandango Gift Card

Are you a movie enthusiast but you can`t really afford to go to the movies that often? Fandango gift cards may be the answer for you. They are good for pretty much any movie from any theater that is available for ticketing at

Fandango is a United States-based company that deals with selling movie and theater tickets via internet and online. Fandango is the best online movie guide, offering a great selection of theatre locations, movie buzz, cinema info, trailers and tickets.

Fandango gift cards make the ideal gift for your special someone. They are redeemable for just about any movie out there that is available on as well as on your mobile device.

About Fandango Gift Cards

Fandango gift cards come in two different versions: digital and plastic. The digital ones can be sent through mobile SMS, on Facebook or via e-mail. They can be personalized using your own picture or an audio message, but you can also choose designs that are already customized. Digital Fandango gift cards can be scheduled for delivery up to one year in advance.

Plastic Fandango gift cards are usually delivered in a personalized greeting card. They can also be personalized using an audio message or your picture. If you want to offer such a card as a gift to someone, you`ll have the possibility to instantly notify that person that a gift is on his way.

Where Do I Get a Fandango Gift Card?

Getting free stuff from Fandango online isn`t that difficult as you may think. For example, we offer free information about Fandango card deals from which you may benefit in just a few minutes. Just browse the site around what type of information will interest you most.

Fandango Gift Card or are good resources from where to get Fandango gift cards. You`ll need to purchase them, but the amount of money spent will be well worth it in the long run.

How to Redeem the Gift Card?

If you want to redeem your Fandango gift card, you should visit the official website of the company and sign in to your personal account. Choose the tickets you want to buy, and during checkout, check that particular box that outlines that you already have a card and include the claim code offered when you choose to redeem your card.

How Do I Check my Balance?

If you already own a Fandango gift card and you are interested in checking the balance of your gift card, you can use this “Fandango Code Balance” page to check it. The process is pretty straightforward; you just enter you simply enter the code of your card in the proper field and click on the “Continue” button. You`ll then be sent to another web page where you can check your balance.

How to Use the Gift Card?

You can use the Fandango gift card to go to movie theaters without paying anything. You can do this as soon as you have placed an order for a movie in any selected cinema or theater. For more information on this subject, you can visit this Fandango Purchase Policy page.