Relax Yourself Enjoying Great Discounts with a Spafinder Gift Card

Are you one of those persons that really enjoy spas? Then you should know that SpaFinder gift cards are the most popular ones in terms of wellness and spa. They are ideal for gifts, wellness programs loyalty programs or sales incentives.

Where Can I Use Them?

If you want to know where you can use them depending on where you live, you should visit Look for the “Accepts SpaFinder Gift” icon and see if a spa will accept these gift cards. They can be used at more than twenty thousand locations all over the world for various spa treatments such as body scrubs, massages or facials, but also for fitness activities such as personal training sessions, yoga or Pilates courses.

How Can They Be Redeemed?

Once they are purchased, they have a specific value which can be redeemed by your chosen spa. It`s recommended to avoid waiting too much and show your gift card upon arrival.

Any Expiration Dates?

They don`t expire and their value won`t depreciate in time. These are one of the reasons why they are so popular.

How Many Times Can I Use It?

They can only be used one single time. If the value of your gift card will exceed your services` cost, the spa will issue a specific store credit for your balance.

Can I Use it at Spas which Aren`t Listed on

No, they can`t be used in spas that aren`t listed on the official website of the company. This can be easily verified by checking out the “Accepts SpaFinder Gift” icon.

What if a Spa that is Listed Won`t Accept Them?

This could happen, but you are able to check which spas accept them by checking out the “Accepts SpaFinder Gift” icon. All businesses that are listed with this particular notation have to adhere to company`s policy and accept the gift cards. To file a complaint, you need to contact the company`s client service at 212 924 6800, or

Spafinder Gift Cards

What If My Gift Card Has a Different Name on It

A gift card which is valid can generally be used by its holder no matter the name on the card, as they are transferable.

Pending Approval Online Status

If you order your card online and you see “pending approval” on your order status, you should get in touch with the customer service department on phone by calling at 1 866 625 2511 or by sending an email at so your purchase can be completed.

Card Rejected Orders

There are a lot of factors that may occur if your online card order may get rejected. If you order a card and you aren`t approved instantly, you should contact the company by calling at 1 866 625 2511 so one of the company`s representatives can take a look at your particular case.

Gift Card Advantages

- They are customizable, transferable and they never expire.

- They have no minimum order as well as no set up charge.

- Digital ones are delivered instantly.

- Corporate discounts are generally available.