Sears Gift Card Guide: Shopping Ideas at Discounted Prices

Are you interested in saving some money while you shop for your important things that you buy regularly? Now with the Sears gift card you have the liberty of shipping your merchandise to someone close to you, a U.S. hotel, friend or family member.

Sears, also known as Sears Holdings Corporation, is a U.S. chain of multi-national departments that has its headquarters in Illinois. Sears was founded in 1983 by Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears as a catalog for mail order. Two years later they started opening real stores. From 2005, its biggest competitors are Belk, Macy`s or JCPenney.

Where Can I Find a Sears Gift Card?

Our company offers a free Sears card to anyone who doesn`t mind spending a few minutes completing some basic fields with his own personal info. Your email address will be also needed so the company can send you important information about your card.

Where to Redeem your Card?

Exactly like any other type of Sears gift card, Corporate cards can also be redeemed for products at more than 3,000 Kmart or Sears locations in Puerto Rico and the United States, but also online at, or

Will my Sears Gift Card Expire?

Sears cards don`t have an expiration date and they don`t charge any fees when being used for purchases.


Sears Corporate cards are generally available in amounts that start from $10 to $500.

Personal Messages

You are able to create personal messages that include up to eighty characters on your Sears card. Your message can be printed on a card carrier that will be attached to your Sears gift card and no extra charge will be needed.

Shipping Options

All Sears cards are shipped at a date of $0.10 per card. Single orders will be shipped via first class USPS, while multiple ones will be shipped via UPS Standard Ground.

Sears Gift Card

Stolen or Lost Gift Cards

If your card has been stolen or lost, you can contact the company`s customer service at 1 800 549 8151. The value that remained on your card can be replaced as long as a proof of purchase can be presented.

When Can I Receive my Card?

After your order is approved, your gift card will be shipped with 2 business days. You are also able to check your order`s status on the Order History web page. To view it, you can click on the “Orders” tab on the top of this “FAQ Sears gift card” page.

Payment Methods

The company accepts the Sears Commercial One Card, Discover Card, Visa, Sears MasterCard, American Express, MasterCard, and traditional checks. If you want to use this last payment method, you can send it to: Sears Corporate Gift Cards, 7100 Westown PKWY, West Des Moines, IA 50266.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available and will be deducted automatically at checkout based on your orders during every calendar year.

How to Order

If you want to know how to order such a card, you`ll be happy to know that the entire process is quite easy. Simply visiting this “Sears Registration” page to create your own personal account and then you can start placing your very first card order.