Outdoor Gear Products at Cheaper Prices using a REI Gift Card

REI gift cards are the best choice for clothing and outdoor gear to help men and women experience and enjoy new outdoor adventures. Whenever you feel like climbing, kayaking, hiking, camping or snowboarding, REI gift cards are exactly what you need.

Recreational Equipment Inc., also known as REI, is considered a popular U.S. retail corporation that deals with the selling of clothing and outdoor recreation gear for men, women and children of all ages. The headquarters of the company is in Washington, having more than 120 stores in over 30 U.S. states.

How to Get REI Cards?

This type of cards can be bought from the company`s retail stores all over the U. S., from certain grocery stores, via phone at 1 800 426 4840 as well as from the official REI website. If you want to buy your card from the company`s website, you can visit its “Gift Card” page. The cards purchased aren`t eligible for a refund.

Gift Card Delivery

They are delivered without any charge via regular first class mail, generally in three to seven business days. In exchange for an additional charge, the cards can be delivered in one to two business days.

If your order includes other REI products, your card will be sent separately.

About REI eGift Cards

REI e-gift cards are generally sent by email to recipients and generally arrive within twenty four hours.

How to Check your Balance?

If you want to check the funds on your card, just visit this “Gift Card Balance Inquiry” page and enter the number of your card along with its PIN. Then click on the “Get Balance” button to reveal your balance.

REI Gift Card

Terms & Conditions

- Customers cannot use coupons to buy gift cards.

- There will be no taxes charged upon a card purchase. These taxes are only charged when a card is redeemed.

- Regular cards as well as e-gift cards could be redeemed for future purchase of services and products only at the company`s retail stores, the company`s website or via phone.

- If you redeem your card, and the order will exceed your balance, you`ll have to use an additional payment method to cover the difference.

- You can`t redeem your gift card for cash and your card won`t be refunded if stolen or lost.

- There will be no taxes charged when a card will be bought. Any applicable taxes will be charged when the cards will be redeemed.

- All cards purchased through REI-OUTLET.com or REI.com will be shipped by first class mail without any additional charge. eGift cards generally arrive within twenty four hours.

- When you redeem your card, any unused funds (of more than $10) are available for future orders of services or products.

- REI cards are issued by a subsidiary of Recreational Equipment, Inc., REI Customer Services.

- They cannot be resold. Cards bought from resellers which aren`t authorized aren`t guaranteed by the company.

- Use them will constitute the user`s acceptance of these terms & conditions.