Save on your Weekly Groceries with Publix Gift Cards

Are you tired to spend your entire savings each time you shop for groceries? Did you have enough of driving around from one store to another in the search of your regular discounts only to find out that this isn`t worth your time. Now you can use Publix gift cards and save money each time you plan to visit your local grocery store.

Publix Super Markets, Inc., mostly known as Publix, is considered one of the most popular chains of supermarkets from the United States. The company was founded by George W. Jenkins in 1930, and has its headquarters in Lakeland, FL.

Where to Find Them?

There are many sources from where you can get Publix gift cards if you know where to look. For example, you can find such cards right here at our website. We have to offer a large variety of cards ideal for everyone you may be shopping for. You are even able to buy them online.

You can find Publix cards in the greeting card section of your local store or at the checkout lines. They can also be found in newspapers, magazines or sales circulars. If you are an internet enthusiast and all you do involves your computer and the internet, you can also check the official website of the company, social websites as well as 3rd-party sites.

What Denominations Do Publix Cards Come In?

The denominations in which Publix gift cards can be found vary from one retailer to another. Each and every retailer will generally determine the denominations available on the Publix cards. Generally, they`ll be found with denominations between $5 and $500.

Publix Gift Cards

How to Buy a Large Number of Publix cards?

Though clients may buy any number of Publix cards they want in the company`s stores, it`s best that purchase of ten or even more Publix cards be done using the client service counter and not the register. It takes some time to register the gift cards, and clients waiting to buy over thirty Publix gift cards might find it a lot more convenient as well as easier to place their order over the internet at the Publix card page or order on the phone at 1 800 830 8159. Orders that exceed $5,000 are available only on the phone.

Discounts for Larger Orders

Purchases that exceed $3,000 might qualify for the company`s tiered discount program when you purchase Publix cards over the internet or on the phone.

Can Publix Gift Cards be Bought from other Retailers?

No, this type of cards can only be purchased at the company`s locations, on the phone or online at the official Publix website.

Additional Fees

The company doesn`t charge any fees on Publix cards. You`ll have your entire unused balance available on your gift card.

Expiration Dates

Publix cards don`t have an expiration date.

How to Add Funds on your Card?

If you are interested, you can add funds on your Publix gift card. When you are in one of the company`s supermarkets, present your gift card at the register. However, your new balance isn`t allowed to exceed $500.