Playstation Network Card Guide: Play your Favorite Video Game Using a PSN Card

The releasing of the PlayStation network card (also known as the PSN gift card) has occurred with a precise idea but in the end, there were a lot more positive aspects. At first, it was mean to be a method of adding funds to a PlayStation account without needing to use a credit card.

The PlayStation network card was quite convenient for teenagers whose parents didn`t want to enter their info over the internet or who didn`t have their very own credit cards.

The idea was so simple and common that these days you are able to find PSN gift cards in a large range of retail outlets besides those popular gaming retailers which sell systems or games. You are also able to buy them online; however, this will mean you`ll need a Paypal account or credit card. In Canada or the U.S., they are quite easy to discover as you can usually get one regardless of the retail store. PSN gift cards are generally sold by pharmacy or grocery chains, big box or convenience stores, gaming shops or gas stations.

How to Activate your PSN Gift Card?

1. First you need to sign up to your PSN personal account. Include your username along with your password using your PlayStation controller. If you`ll be automatically signed in, you don`t need to include your info.

2. Highlight your PSN personal account by making a simple scroll over it. When you press on the “Triangle” button, a menu will appear. Choose “Account Management” and then “Add Funds.” A menu will then appear again.

Playstation Network Cards

3. Find the twelve-digit code from the back of your PSN card. Using your controller, include the twelve-digit code to activate your PlayStation network card.

How to Redeem your PSN Gift Card?

PSN gift cards are quite easy to redeem as well. You`ll have to register to the PlayStation network, which is free of charge and can be done easy and free. Once you are logged in, you`ll need to click on the “redeem” tab, enter a twelve-digit code and then you`ll have your funds transferred to your online wallet. Although your PlayStation network card will expire 12 months after being acquired, you`ll be able to keep your funds in your web wallet as long as you want without being afraid you`ll lose it.

Until not long ago you would need to go to a retailer center (or gaming retailer), if you wanted to get an add-on or a game. Then you would need to find the shop`s locations and be sure that you had your license in a place that was safe. Some teenagers had entire shelves full of CDs. Now, if you use the PSN gift card, you`ll be able to fill your shelves with more important things.

It`s quite easy and simple to get a PlayStation network card and even easier to use it. It usually comes in different variations, such as $10, $20 or $50. You can get them when you stop for gas at any of your local stations, or at any of your convenience shops when you want to have a cup of coffee. And best of all, you`ll be able to preserve the personal details of your financial things to yourself.