Paypal Gift Cards: The Rigth Way to Manage Your Financial Transactions

Almost anyone is talking nowadays about Paypal gift cards. And like any other person, if you have made financial transactions online, then you have probably heard about them as well. If you are one of those persons that is used to deal with Paypal when it comes to his financial transactions, then Paypal gift cards might something that you`ll eventually need.

Paypal is considered one of the largest companies that deal with financial transaction worldwide, and it`s owned by eBay. The company has processed in 2012 mobile transactions estimated at 14,000.000.000 compared with only 4,000.000.000 a year earlier.

Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions regarding the selling, redeeming or purchasing of Merchant gift cards using Paypal are quite essential to review. Visit full terms & conditions.

Recipient Cancellations

Gift card recipients are able to cancel their gift card within sixty days of the buying date and refund the funds to the purchaser.

Paypal Gift Cards


Refunds on gift cards which were bought using a debit card or a credit card will in fact have the face value credited to that specific debit card or credit card. Refunds regarding cards which weren`t bought using a debit card or a credit card will most likely be placed in the Paypal account of the purchaser.

Expiration Date

This type of gift cards don`t have a date of expiration.


All merchants will reserve the right to refuse any type of transaction if they feel it`s against terms & regulations. A lot of merchants will require a confirmed address, which may need a debit card or a credit card to be entered along with a billing address.

Additional Info

Paypal gift cards have no hidden fees or setup charges. You will only need to pay the regular payment receiving charge during redemption time. You can also create your own gift cards the way you want. You can set amounts, import pictures or add colors so your card can look exactly the way you want.

How to Use your Gift Card with Swagbucks

Let`s say you just got a Paypal card and you want to know how long it will take to get the gift card by e-mail. That Paypal card is mostly like online cash which can be transferred if you have a bank account. If Paypal cash is requested from Swagbucks, you need to be certain you use the same e-mail address you`ve used for your Paypal account. If it`s not, you can manually added very easily. As soon as you have your Paypal account, you are able to link your bank account by offering the necessary information. Then, you`ll have your money deposited two times in your personal account, and each time the money needs to be confirmed. After that, you`ll be able to transfer the cash into your personal account, or simply spend it at each online website where Paypal will be accepted. Keep in mind that it isn`t really require for you to link your personal bank account for this choice to be done.