Get a Discount for Your Meal with a Olive Garden Gift Card

Share the wonderful Italian flavors with your family and friends. Choose an Olive Garden gift card to enjoy great discounts for your meals whenever you feel like eating at one of the Olive Garden restaurants.

Olive Garden is a chain of casual dining restaurants from the United States specialized in Italian cuisine. The chain is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants and has its headquarters in Florida. Starting with 2012, the company`s restaurants account for almost half of Darden`s sales. There are over eight hundred locations operated by Olive Garden both on the United States and internationally.

How to Purchase an Olive Garden Card?

If you want to buy such a card, you can do it by clicking any of the above links or visiting this “Gift Card” web page. Simply choose the denominations for your card, the quantity and click on the “Next” tab. In addition, you can also give a call on 1 800 248 4935.

Checking the Status of your Card Order

If you have already made a card order, you can check its status by calling the same phone number or emailing at:

Available Discounts

Various discounts will be available on purchases of Olive Garden cards on the below amounts:

1. A 5% discount for card orders with denominations between $500 and $999.

2. A 10% discount for card orders with denominations over $1000.

For additional questions regarding this matter, you can contact the Gift Card Center on the same phone number.

Checking the Balance

If you want to check your balance or any expiration info, you can call the phone number on the back of your card or visit this “Balance Card Inquiry” web page. Enter your 16-digit card number in the proper fields and click on the “Check Balance” button to reveal your balance.

Olive Garden Gift Card

How to Find Your Card Number?

If you want to located the number of your Olive Garden gift card, take a look on card`s back and find that particular area which is highlighted with a small yellow color.

Customized Cards

The great thing about Olive Garden gift cards is that they can be customized. Simply visit this “Olive eGift Card” page and choose your favorite design from the many choices offered by the website. Additionally, you can also add your own personalized message. When you finish, you`ll have the opportunity of sending a confirmation email to the recipient.

Online Olive Garden Accounts

Although it`s not really required, it`s best if you`ll have your own personal online account at the official Olive Garden website. For example, you might such an account in case you`ll lose your card or it may get stolen.

Additional Info

Olive Garden cards have no expiration date and no fees. Any fees that may have been previously charged to the card have been restored.

This type of cards can be redeemed at more than seven hundred locations and can be found in denominations from $5 to $250.

If you want to place an order using the phone, you can call 888.888.3341 from Monday through Friday between 09.00 and 16.00 Eastern Time.