Nordstrom Gift Card Guide: Fashion Gifts in the Palm of Your Hand!

If you are a fashion person or you want to make someone close to you a nice surprise, you can consider offering him/her a Nordstrom gift card. This type of gift card will most likely any person`s day more enjoyable.

Nordstrom, Inc. is a U.S. upscale fashion retail company that was founded by Carl F. Wallin and John W. Nordstrom, and has its headquarters in Washington. The company has over two hundred thirty stores that operate in more than thirty of the U.S. states. This is considered one of the most popular companies in the field.

About Nordstrom Gift Cards

Nordstrom cards have no fees whatsoever, don`t expire and can be redeemed at the official website of the company as well as its retail stores. Simply present your card to the cashier at the checkout and you are good to go. If you make an online purchase, your Nordstrom card should have an access number. This type of cards can`t be returned, redeemed for money or used as payment on your personal account.

Where to Find Such a Card?

If you are already here, you`ll be happy to learn that we do offer a free Nordstrom gift card and we ask nothing in return then a few minutes of your time. You`ll need to spend a couple of minutes completing a few basic fields that are necessary so the company can keep track of its customers.

How to Check the Balance of your Card?

If you already have a Nordstrom gift card, visit this “Nordstrom Gift Card Balance” page, enter your card and access number in the proper fields and click on the red “Check Balance” button.

Nordstrom Gift Card Shipping Info

- Nordstrom cards ship individually, via regular shipping, free of charge and generally arrive within four to seven business days.

- For a $10 shipping fee, the card will be received in two business days.

Nordstrom Gift Card

- To expedite a Nordstrom card to Hawaii or Alaska, you should give a call at 1 877 771 4438 and allow one additional day for shipping.

- Virtual cards are sent by email within 3 hours from the approval time.

How to Redeem your Card Online?

If you want to use your gift card online, simply include the number of your card along with access code. You have also the possibility of printing your Nordstrom eGift card and bringing it to your nearest company`s location. You can just offer your printout to any of the store`s salespersons during the checkout.

Other Nordstrom Gift Card Info

- You are able to add value to your card anytime you want at any of the company retail stores.

- You can check the balance of your card by phone, at any Nordstrom retail store or at this “Nordstrom Gift Card Balance” page.

- Corporate clients are able to place their orders by giving a call at 1 877 771 4438.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If you lose your card, or it gets stolen or damaged, you can have it replaced with the same remaining value. However, you`ll need to provide proof of purchase.