MasterCard Gift Cards: Choosing a Gift Will Never Be a Problem

Choosing the ideal gift has never been this easy. No matter the celebration, anniversaries, holidays, graduations or birthdays, a MasterCard gift card will make the perfect gift every time.

MasterCard Incorporated is an organization that deals with financial services, and has its headquarters in New York. MasterCard`s main business is to process payments from various banks.

How to Activate your Gift Card

Dial the number listed on the back of your MasterCard gift card and wait for the automated prompts. Memorize or write down the balance of your card and visit the site address from the back of your gift card. Go to the “Gift Card” page and enter the number of your card along with the 3-digit security number.

Where Can I Use It?

MasterCard gift card can be used at any location where Debit MasterCard cards are allowed. There are millions of such locations all over the world, like retail stores, phone orders, mail or online. You`re also able to use your gift card to pay for bills online.

Features & Advantages

MasterCard gift card is generally available with a wide selection of messaging options:

- MasterCard cards are usually available at retail locations and online. You can also order these gift cards on the phone.

- This type of cards is generally accepted at any merchant location which accepts Debit MasterCard all over the world.

- There are a lot of different gift card styles from which to choose, many of them being able to be customized.

MasterCard Gift Cards

- Client service is generally available 24/7 hours per week.

- If the value of your order is more than the funds you have available on your gift card, you can simply tell the cashier that you will use an alternative payment method to cover the difference.

- If you want to return a product bought with your gift card, you might be asked by the cashier for the card used for the order.

- MasterCard gift card balances are generally protected against purchases that aren`t authorized with the MasterCard Zero Liability policy.

Terns & Conditions

- Terms & Conditions are generally applied to the MasterCard gift card. You should visit Cardholder Agreement for any further details. The gift card can`t be resold or bought for resale;

- A one-time activation charge gets charged for each and every MasterCard gift card at the purchasing time, except in cases where otherwise necessary to comply with any applicable laws;

- No charges will be applied to the MasterCard gift card after purchase (which will include services, dormancy or any other charges);

- The plastic MasterCard gift card is valid until it expires or it reaches zero, except where modified or prohibited by any applicable laws. The expiration date of the MasterCard gift card is shown on the card`s front. MasterCard gift cards don`t expire earlier than 5 years.

- The funds on a MasterCard gift card don`t expire. Visit or contact “1 800 680 5938” to get a free replacement of your gift card if you have any balance remained at the card`s expiration time. Your new MasterCard gift card will have an equal value with the expired gift card.

- MasterCard gift cards are available for distribution in the U.S., but aren`t available to residents of the Virgin Islands or Vermont.