Listen to Your Favorite Songs Using iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes gift cards are the ideal way to offer an entertainment gift. For birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, no matter the occasion an iTunes gift card is always perfect as a gift.

iTunes is one of the most popular media players as well as media library application in the world and is made by Apple Inc. The product is generally used for playing, downloading and organizing digital audio or video files on a computer that is running on the OS X operating system, but also on iPad, iPod and iPhone devices.

You can use an iTunes gift card to buy or download television shows, podcasts, music, ringtones, music videos or audio-books, and in some countries, you can also get movies or movie rentals. No matter your interest, an iTunes card is something that will most certainly be useful.

Where to Find Them?

You can get a free iTunes card free of charge directly from our website in minutes. Click on one of the pictures on this page, follow the instructions within the next page and you`ll be that much close to getting your free card.

You can also purchase iTunes card straight from Apple, but you`ll need a Paypal account with a billing United States address, or a credit card.

If you are not used to use the internet to get what you need, you can get your card from an Apple store as well. Visit one of the nearest Apple stores and get your card on spot already activated as soon as you pay for it. And best of all, iTunes cards have no expiration dates.

Where Can I Use a iTunes Card?

All iTunes cards work on App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store or iBookstore. Choose the design which you consider to be perfect for your card and include a personal touch by adding a message. You`ll get free shipping.

How to Redeem your iTunes Gift Card?

If you want to redeem your iTunes card, click on “Redeem” in iTunes, enter your card`s code in the proper field, and then click on the Redeem button.

iTunes Gift Cards

How to Email an iTunes Gift Card?

1. Create an iTunes account, sign in and located the “iTunes Store” button.

2. Once you have located your account name, click on the menu under it, then on the “Redeem” tab and then on the “Give a Gift on iTunes” URL.

3. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the web page and then click on the “Buy Now” URL from the “iTunes Gift Cards” drop menu.

4. Choose your desired gift card and then click on the “Add to Card” tab.

5. Then click on the “Check Out Now” tab from the “Card Summery” drop menu.

6. Enter your physical address and then click on the “Place Order” tab.

7. Send the code from the gift card to the recipient by email.

Gift Card Variations

iTunes gift cards are generally available in any dollar amount between $10 and $100.

Additional Info

Be sure you get your card only from legitimate places and don`t use cheap codes from store cards. For instance, Apple will most likely block your personal account and you`ll surely lose everything on your account.

Customer Service

If you may encounter any issues with your card, check this “iTunes Store” page for more info.