H&M Gift Card Guide: Choosing a Gift Has Never Been Easier!

If you are into fashion, you have most certainly heard about H&M gift cards. Everyone into fashion has heard about them as they can be wonderful gifts for someone who knows how to appreciate something that is beautiful. Treat someone close to you or you can simply add it on the wish list.

H&M, also known as H & M Hennes & Mauritz, is seen as the most popular retail company for clothes from Sweden, mainly for its fashion clothing for men and women, but also for children or teens.

How Do I Find Such a Card?

The first online place you should try is this website if you are already here. We offer free H&M cards to anyone who doesn`t mind spending a short time to complete an easy form. You need to use your e-mail address so you can receive new updates about your future gift card.

Social websites are also great resources for free gift cards. Various sites, like Twitter or Facebook, are full of useful info about pretty much anything you can imagine, and H&M gift cards will not make any exception.

If you are interested in buying such a card, you can go at any of the company`s locations or select retailers along the United States. Unfortunately, these gift cards are not available for purchase on the internet yet.

Where Can I Check my Card`s Balance?

If you want to check how much you have left on your H&M card, you can visit this “Gift Card Balance” page. Fill the empty fields with your card number and PIN code, and click on the “Check Balance” button. Soon after, the remaining amount you have left on your card will be displayed.

H&M Gift Card

Additional Info?

- H&M cards can be bought online and in H&M stores.

- You can add any value to your H&M card by simply visiting any H&M store from your local area.

- You can add anywhere from $5 to $500 to your card.

- You can use your card as partial or full payment if you want to purchase goods in the company`s stores.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about your H&M gift card, you can contact the company`s customer service at 1 800 230 7616. Remember to have your card number available when you call.

What Can I Purchase with my Card?

You can use your H&M card to purchase any merchandise from the company`s stores anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. This gift card doesn`t have any expiration date and isn`t redeemable for cash. Any order made will be deducted from the amount available on the card until the balance will reach zero.

Terms & Conditions

Use of this gift card will constitute your acceptance of the terms & conditions. This gift card can be redeemed for various products in any of the company`s stores. This gift card should not be seen as a cheque quarantee or credit card, and cannot be used to get cash. The card will remain active for twenty four months from the date when the last transaction took place. After twenty four months the gift card will expire and the balance will be deducted. The company isn`t responsible if the card gets damaged, stolen or lost.