Get a Discount from your Hotel Reservation with a Hilton Gift Card

Are you one of those persons that enjoy traveling a lot? If you want to save money while traveling, or you want to make a gift to someone you love and you don`t know what to give him/her, then a Hilton gift card may just be the thing for you.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts, also known as Hilton Hotels, is seen as one of the most popular international chains of hotels. The chain was founded by Conrad Hilton, but at the present is owned by Hilton Worldwide. In 1943 Hilton Hotels managed to become the coast-to-coast chain of hotels of the U.S. Starting with 2010, there are more than 500 hotels branded by Hilton in almost 80 countries along 6 continents.

How to Find a Hilton Gift Card?

If you are already here, why look somewhere else? Browse through the above list of links and see if you can find any link that can lead you to your desired gift card. We offer a large selection of gift card-related links, and Hilton card links will not make an exception.

Where Can I Use my Hilton Card?

Hilton gift cards are generally accepted at all Hilton Worldwide hotels within Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the United States.


Offer your family the chance of experiencing their dream vacation using a Hilton gift card. With denominations from $25 to $500, Hilton cards can be useful to any family out there.

For What Can I Use my Card?

A Hilton gift card can be used at many different things such as golf courses, restaurant, lounges, spas ore retail shops. This type of card is accepted within the entire Hilton portfolio and can be the ideal gift to offer a wonderful memory that is worth sharing.

Hilton Gift Card

How Can I Redeem my Gift Card?

Generally, the hotel location will be able to determine how to redeem your card on property.

Can I Redeem my Hilton Card for Cash?

No, Hilton gift cards can`t be redeemed for cash.

How to Check your Balance?

If you are interested in checking the balance of your Hilton card, you can use this gift card balance page to check your funds.

Do the Funds Expire?

No, the funds on your Hilton gift card will not expire.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

If your card gets stolen or lost, get in touch with the customer service at 1 800 297 7327. Offer your name, physical address, the number of the gift card as well as any other info that can be used to identify your card. A new card will replace the old one and you`ll also be able to recover the balance that you had at the time when the issue occurred.

Local Currency

This card may be processed in your local currency. In order for this to be accomplished, you need to have knowledge about the available funds from your card. Then, you`ll have to offer the exchange rate for the balance of your card. You can visit to learn more about the local currency exchange.