Google Has Officially Released Google Play Gift Cards

If you are one of those persons that has an Android smart-phone, then you most likely are interested in a Google Play Store gift card (Android Market gift card) as well.

Android is one of the most popular operating systems based on Linux for mobile devices that have the touchscreen feature, such as smart-phones or tablet computers. At the current date, Google and Open Handset Alliance work together to develop the Android operating system, but at first Android was developed by another company, Android Inc. Google was financially backed this operating system until 2005 it decided to buy it.

Android will allow its users to browse and also download various things such as movies, music, television programs, applications, books, games or magazines. However, only those already published through Google will be able to be browsed or downloaded. All this is available for download either, free of charge or at a specific cost, and they can be downloaded through the Play Store or via its site using a computer.

About Google Play Store Cards

After many rumors, Google announced has officially released Google Play Store cards. These “Android Market” cards will come in three different options (ten, twenty five and fifty dollars), and you can choose anything on the Play Store using these gift cards, from physical items to games or various applications. Google also says that GameStop, Radio Shack and Target will all being providing Play Store gift cards in their stores, while Walmart also joining in a short while. At the moment, this type of gift cards is only available in the United States.

Google Play Store cards can be used to get songs, applications, books or movies, all from one single online resource, the Google Play store. These cards can be redeemed without needing any credit card on Android devices and online.

Google Play Gift Cards

If you can`t wait until you make your next trip to your local store, you can purchase these cards from one of the company`s retail partners. The denominations available are of $10, $25 or $50. One of the best things of these cards is that they don`t have an expiration date. You can use this “Google Play Gift Redeem” page to redeem your card.

What`s Coming Next?

Code from some of the most recent Google Play Store updates will suggest that Google will add wish lists with these Google Play Store cards, but for now these features hasn`t been seen. In the meanwhile, these gift cards will be another giant step towards the former transition of Android Market to a full-fledged content store, but also as a way to compete with iTunes from Apple or others from the retail store market.

Android fans rumored for Google Play Store gift cards for many years, but the wait may be over. It`s kind of a surprise why Google took this long to turn these cards into a reality – after all, no one wants to keep a debit/credit card on file. Soon, Google Play Store cards will hit stores and there will be nothing to stop children using them to download popular apps or games.