Satisfy Your Doughnut Cravings using a Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

Are you a donut guy? Do you enjoy donuts so much that you can`t go a day without eating one? Then Dunkin` Donuts gift cards may be exactly what you need.

Dunkin` Donuts is considered one of the most popular American doughnut and coffeehouse chains in the world. The headquarters of the company is in Massachusetts and has been found in 1950 by William Rosenberg. The company is also known for its popular logo, two D`s next to each other, one orange and one pink.

About Dunkin` Donuts Gift Cards

The Dunkin` Donuts gift card is nothing more than a rechargeable card which can be used for purchases at one of the company`s participating shops. It can be the ideal gift and it`s quite convenient and easy to use.

Where You Can Use your Card?

This card is accepted at various stores all over the U.S. Participation may vary, so you might need to check this “Store Locator” feature first. Enter your address or zip code you want to locate and if a Dunkin` Donuts location will appear next to the address you entered, it`s a participating location.

How to Check your Balance?

If you want to verify your funds, you can check the bottom of your register receipt. For more updated info, you can visit “Check Card Balance” on the internet or call at 800 477 0013. You also have the possibility of checking the funds of your card at a participating shop near your area by offering the shop`s employee your gift card and asking him to give you information regarding your balance. You don`t have to purchase anything to ask for this information.

Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you own a registered Dunkin` Donuts gift card, your remaining funds will freeze at the time when you call. Your balance will be transferred to your new card and the card will be mailed to you through standard mail. If your card isn`t registered, you need to treat it just like cash. Such cards can`t be replaced if it`s stolen or lost.

Can Money Be Added on these Cards?

Yes, this is one of the best advantages of Dunkin` Donuts cards. You have the opportunity of signing up for auto-charge or recharge it online. You are also able to visit any of the company`s participating shops and ask an employee of the shop to recharge your card. Please keep in mind that the maximum value of your card can`t be more than $100.

Card Fees

There are no fees associated with this type of card. It won`t cost you anything to use this card and any funds that will be left on it won`t be charged any service fee.

Customer Service

For any questions that you may have regarding your Dunkin` Donuts gift card, you visit the Help section or call at 1 800 447 0013.

Additional Features

1. DD gift cards can be personalized and offered as a gift.

2. This type of card is mobile. For additional fee, you can have your own DD mobile application.

3. This card is reloadable. You can simply enjoy the advantage of Auto-Recharge to be certain you`ll have value on your card at all times.