Cheesecake Factory Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

The ideal gift for any occasion or taste, Cheesecake Factory gift cards can be used in all the Cheesecake Factory restaurants all over the United States.

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. is considered one of the most popular distributors of cheesecake in the U.S. The company has over 160 dining restaurants that operate nationwide.

How Can I Find Such a Card?

Cheesecake Factory gift cards can be found right here one this website. Our website offers a large selection of free gift cards and this card makes no exception. Simply follow the link behind any of the two images and get to the next web page. Enter your email address and you are almost done. You`ll soon receive updates regarding your card straight your email address.

How to Check your Balance?

Checking the balance of your card is pretty easy. You can visit this gift card page and down the page you`ll see two fields where you need to enter your card number and PIN. Any available balance will be displayed on the next page.

Cheesecake Factory Gift Card Types

There are two types of cards: digital and traditional ones, made from plastic. The digital ones are available in amounts starting from $5 to $500 and they generally arrive within two to four hours of making the order. Digital cards can be personalized using your own picture or the one of the recipient who will receive the gift card.

Traditional Cheesecake Factory cards, which are made from plastic, can also be personalized and are available in amounts starting from $5 to $250. They get delivered through First Class Mail and they generally arrive within five to seven days. If the order exceeds $250, the card gets delivered via UPS.

Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

How to Redeem the Card?

Show your card to the cashier at any of the company`s locations within the US. Including New Mexico and it will be applied to your order. This type of card can also be used for online orders.

Gift Card Additional Information

Cheesecake Factory cards have many features to offer to their owners, some of which are:

- Cheesecake Factory cards do not have any fees associated with them. You`ll only get charged for shipping and face value of your card. The digital version of these cards is sent by e-mail and does not include any shipping charges. There are no sales taxes charged for this type of gift cards.

- These cards do not expire.

- They are only valid in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

- If stolen or lost, the card cannot be replaced.

- Except where the law requires, the card cannot be redeemed/refunded for cash.

- At this time, changing the value of your card after being paid for it is not possible.

- If you have purchase such a card, you can`t cancel or return it after it`s received. Purchasers who want to cancel their orders before being the card being delivered may get in touch with the client support service.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your card, you should contact the company`s customer service via phone at 1 888 693 9113, or via email at