Chase Gift Card Guide: The Freedom of Choosing a Gift!

Use a Chase gift card to offer someone close to you the freedom of choosing their own gifts. This type of cards can be used pretty much anywhere you can think of – department stores, online, electronic stores. And best of all, they can be purchased online.

Personalizing your Gift

When purchasing online you are able to choose your own picture, add the name of the recipient and either one of the eighteen messages, which will include “Thank You,” “Happy Birthday” “Congratulations.”

A Safe Solution

With a Chase card, you can most certainly be sure you are offering a gift that is safer than money, easy to use and never the wrong style, size or color.

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

You should try to Chase gift card for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, holidays or simply just to thank someone for whatever reason. You can select pretty much any amount from $25 to $500.

Where to Purchase It?

If you are interested in purchasing such a card, visit the website. However, you`ll need a credit card to buy one.

How Does It Work?

This is a pre-paid card which carries a specific amount determined by the card owner at the purchase time. The gift card may be used to buy services or products anywhere a Visa credit card is accepted. Every time you use the card, the amount spent for the purchase will be deducted from your balance.

Chase Gift Card

Why to Register your Chase Gift Card?

Your card needs to be registered in case it gets stolen or lost so that a new one can be sent on your way. It will help you be identified as a cardholder if there may be any transactions that aren`t authorized. Additionally, your Chase gift card needs to be registered if you want to use it for phone or online purchases. They often need that your billing address should match that address that is on file on the gift card.

Can the Card be Used Internationally?

Yes, this type of card can be used internationally in stores which allow Visa credit cards. You need to read the terms & agreement to completely understand how the foreign currency transactions work. Please note that you can always call the client service at 1 866 466 0079 if you have any questions or concerns.

Lost & Stolen Cards

If you already have a card, a replacement gift card could be released and any available funds can be transferred to your new gift card. However, your card needs to be registered to be eligible for a new issued card.

Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions are offered with every gift card at the purchase time. These terms and conditions are also available to view on the internet at:

Regardless of whom you are shopping for, you simply cannot go wrong when using a Chase gift card. When offering such a card, you are in fact offering the gift of choice. That is mostly because these cards are accepted almost anywhere.