Cut your Fuel Expenses with a BP Gas Card

Are you one of those persons who are used driving a lot and you are looking for a way to cut your fuel expenses? Now you can use the BP gift card to save some money from your gas bill. With gas prices always rising, BP gift cards are these days appreciated by most drivers and are considered one of the easiest methods to pay for gas or other products. This is a very convenient and practical way to offer a gift to someone.

BP is a British oil & gas company with its headquarters in London. This is the 3rd-largest energy company and 4th-largest company on the planet being one of the six major oil & gas companies.

Where Do I Get a BP Card?

Our website offers gift cards from just about any major brand out there, and BP will make no exception. If you are interested in getting a free BP card, click on any of the images on this page and get to the next link. Once there, follow the guidelines within the page and you`ll receive further instructions about your card in your email address.

Another good way to get a BP gift card is to check the official BP website. The company offers different types of cards that come in amounts from $25 to $200. Check this BP gift card web page and click the green “Order Now” button to order your card.

BP Gas Card

BP discount cards are also available throughout the internet at different 3rd-party websites and can be obtained without too much trouble. Most of these websites will also offer free shipping. BP cards may also be bought from BP`s Head Office by calling on 0800 800 027.

BP Card Features

- BP cards come in a variety of different amounts: $25, $50, $100 and $200.

- They are available at most BP gas stations and can be used at over 1,000 Australian BP gas stations.

- The ones that are bought from any BP gas station are activated and are ready for immediate use as soon as you have paid the nominated amount.

- BP cards are perfect as gifts for staff inventive, customer promotions, holidays, birthdays or graduations.

How Do I Check the Balance of my BP Card?

If you already have a BP card and you want to check its balance, you can visit this “Check your Balance” page.

Additional Info?

1. BP cards can`t be used until they are activated by BP or any Participating BP gas station.

2. At the time of purchase, you have to nominate the value of your BP card from $5 to 1,000. They have to be loaded only in increments of $5.

3. This type of gift card can only be used to buy services or goods from BP gas stations. They can`t be used for cash or to buy different gift cards.

4. The card doesn`t need a signature or PIN number to be activated, meaning there isn`t any paperwork involved.

5. A card number along with a magnetic strip will be featured so it can be swiped at any of the company`s gas terminals.