Best Buy Gift Card Guide: Shopping for Electronics Has Never Been Easier

Do you need the perfect gift for a special occasion? Find the right one at the prices you are looking for. All the advantages of a regular gift card, plus a lot more options are offered by a Best Buy gift card.

The Best Buy Company, Inc. is multi-national consumer electronics from the United States with its headquarters in Minnesota. The company has been founded in 1966 by Gary Smoliak and Richard Schulze, and has open stores in Canada, Puerto Rico, China or Mexico.

Checking your Balance

If you want to check your balance, you have three possibilities:

1. In Store – You`ll need to show it to the cashier and he/she will help you in this matter.

2. On the Phone – By calling on 1 888 716 7994.

3. Online – You need to visit this “Balance Inquiry” page.

Ordering Online

If you want to order a Best Buy card online, you can choose one of the below delivery methods:

1. Facebook account delivery.

2. Via email address.

3. Via regular mail.


If you want to order such a Best Buy gift card, you can choose any denominations from $5 to $250.

How to Redeem your Card?

During the checkout process, you`ll need to include the number of your card along with your PIN. You`ll be able to use up to twenty cards for each order.

If your funds do not cover your order, you`ll be charged for the remaining dollar amount from your Paypal account or debit card. If your order will be less than your balance, any unused funds will remain on your gift card.

Best Buy Gift Card

Keep the card until you get the order and are certain you are satisfied with it. If you may want to cancel or return products for which you paid, the dollar amount charged to the card will go back on your gift card.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Your remaining balance can be replaced if your Best Buy gift card has been stolen or lost, if you have the original receipt of your purchase. For additional questions on this matter, you can call at 1 888 716 7994.

Canceled Cards

If you will choose to cancel the order of a product, the purchase dollar amount will be credited to your card within thirty minutes after the cancellation took place. If you don`t have the card anymore, contact the customer service to ask for a new one.

Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions will apply to both physical and digital cards. They are subject to change without prior notice. Additional terms & conditions might apply depending on how the card is delivered.

1. They cannot be redeemed for cash.

2. They aren`t valid as payment on a credit card issued by Best Buy.

3. They cannot be used as a debit or credit card.

4. These cards are issued only by Best Buy.

5. They aren`t available for order using international credit cards.

6. Terms & conditions may be subject to change without any prior notice.