American Express Gift Cards Guide: Get the Info You Need About Amex Gift Cards

A quick and simple solution for promotions, rewards or incentives is the American Express gift card. Choose an American Express gift card and enjoy no monthly charges and no lost value.

American Express, known as AmEx as well, is a U.S. organization that deals with financial services. The company has its headquarters in Manhattan.

The American Express gift card is nothing more than a pre-paid payment card which is issued with a specific dollar amount included in it. This isn`t really a credit or debit card, while its total value will appear on your store receipt, or on the front of the card, the carrier of your card. You`ll be able to use the American Express gift card in just about any business you can think of in the U.S. which will accept the American Express card.

Why Using the American Express Gift Card?

The American Express gift card is perfect for phone orders or online shopping. You have no fees after your purchase and your funds will never expire. If you lost or stolen, your gift card will be replaced.

Where Can I Use my Gift Card?

The American Express gift card is good to buy products from catalogs, your local store, online vendors, but also meals or entertainment. Your gift card can`t be used at ATMs, billing purchases, like subscriptions and cell phones, or Cruise Lines.

How Can I Check my Gift Card`s Balance?

If you want to check your American Express gift card`s transaction history and available balance, you should use this “America Express Gift Card Balance & Transaction History” page. The process is pretty simple – you`ll have a “Gift Card Number” field where you need to enter the number of your American Express gift card. You can check the balance and transaction history of your gift card anywhere and anytime directly from your smart-phone.

AmEx Gift Cards

How Can I Customize my Gift Card?

If you want to customize your American Express gift card, visit this “American Express Customized Gift Cards” page and simply follow the guidelines within the page. You`ll be able to add a special message or your company`s name to the lower left of your gift card.

Does the Company Sell these Gift Cards to Residents in any U.S. state?

No, unfortunately American Express doesn`t sell gift cards to residents of Hawaii or Vermont because of state law restrictions regarding purchase charges in these particular states.

Can Value Be Added to an American Express Gift Card?

No, if the amount of your American Express gift card has been used, your gift card will no longer be valid. It`s recommended that you cut your gift card in half and throw it away.

eGift Cards

Before using a eGift Card, the actual recipient needs to activate it using the site link offered through email. The recipient needs to retain the number of the card, CSC, CID as well as Client Service number any of these may get stolen or lost.

Additional Fees

Depending on what type of gift card you have, there may be a one-time fee that may range from $3 to $7. However, there will be no maintenance or monthly fees. After you have purchased a gift card, there are no additional fees.