Choose a Great Saturday Night Experience with a AMC Gift Card

Most wonderful experiences are in fact offered by AMC gift cards. Select one of these cards and send it along with your own customized message. You are also able to alert your recipient with a message on its mobile.

AMC Entertainment, Inc. also known as AMC Theatres, is a U.S. chain of movie theaters. The company is known as being the 2nd largest share of the U.S. market, after Cinemark and Regal, having over 330 locations.

About AMC Gift Cards

Share suspense, laughter or drama with the AMC card. This can be the unique gift for anyone to enjoy. AMC cards come in two distinct versions: plastic and digital. This type of cards can be delivered instantly to the Inbox of your recipient without you worrying about handling or shipping fees. The ones made from plastic are also ideal gifts to send to someone. You can redeem them in exchange for movie tickets or for various products before seeing a movie.

Where to Get Such a Card?

If you want to an AMC card, simply visit one of the above links. We offer a large selection of links that deal with movie gift cards, with AMC gift cards are among them.

How to Check your Balance?

If you already have such a card, you can check your balance by visiting this gift card balance page.

What Can I Buy With my Card?

Your AMC card can get you anything from movie tickets, passes or various food products and soft drinks that most people look to buy before seeing a movie.

AMC Gift Card

Customized Cards

Customize your AMC gift card by including your company`s logo, or simply select one of the traditional designs from AMC. To create your own customized card, just visit this gift card page. Keep in mind that you need to allow 2 or 3 business days for gift card productions on quantities that don`t exceed 250, and around 10 days for orders that are larger. For additional questions, you can call at 1 800 262 4849.

Cards for your Business

If you own a business and you want to express thanks, drive positive results or motivate the behavior of your employees, AMC gift cards can be a great solution. This type of cards can fit for all kinds of events as are perfect for incentives, rewards or as promotional gifts. You can also use them as resale items for customers, members or employees.

Best AMC Offer for your Card

The AMC Movie Bundle, a special all-in-one ticket package, includes 2 AMC Gold Experience tickets, 1 Show Snack popcorn voucher and 2 Show Snack drink vouchers, packed all together in one big $25 bundle. You could save up to 35% with this offer by simply using your AMC gift card.

Other Great AMC Offers

AMC Gold and Silver tickets are among the best possible deals that you can get with your AMC card. They are premium tickets that are ideal for everyone who enjoys movies. What is best at these offers is that you can get them at amazing prices.